Personal Botox Parties

Botox Parties

Botox parties are always a lot of fun! Some have always wondered about them and unsure of the safety behind them, so we are here to break it down!

What it involves

With a Botox party, you get to make a number of choices based off of what you want! We will be here to help you decide if you want to add Dysport and filler to the party or keep it just on Botox. You can also decide if you want the venue to be your home, your office, or our clinic. You get to decide the time and date of the location with enough advanced notice as well! Usually bookings are quite open if you book one month in advance.


Safety is our #1 commitment, whether at our location or another. We bring our own portable aesthetic chair and all of the essentials necessary to sanitize effectively between patients. Our products remain in their controlled environments the entire time and your injections are completed with our Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Jasmin Wheeler.

How to book

Once you have decided what date, time and location you prefer, you can contact us to book the spot. We will take the host’s name, date, time, and location down. You will pay $200 down at the time of booking to hold the spot. The deposit is to block off our schedule and will be applied as credit on the date of the party. You may opt to pay this yourself or collect a divided amount from your party invitees, whichever works best for you.

Tips for a Successful Party

A lot of past parties had great success with posting an “event” on their personal Facebook page. It is easy to invite who you want to come and to keep all of them updated as needed.

The bigger the better – the more guests that come to the party, the better the pricing, so keep that in mind when sending out your invitations. If you host 5 or more guests, the host receives 20 units of Botox FREE on the date of the party!

We prefer that you send us the name, phone number and email of each guest 48 hours prior to the event. With this, we can send the necessary paperwork electronically to your guests to fill out prior to the event. This allows a much smoother event and much lower wait time to be injected.