Body By Lush

The Breakdown to a Healthier Way of Living

The Body By Lush Transformation Program integrates intermittent fasting with the highly regarded Mediterranean diet. Along with the diet plan, we will make a healthy exercise regimen plan tailored to each individual’s current state of health. Moreover, Body By Lush introduces healthy vitamins and minerals to increase energy and strengthen awake-sleep patterns.

How it Works

Your weight-loss medical provider, Jasmin Wheeler, APRN, FNP-C, completes your health screen and workup. Goals are discussed and a tailored treatment plan is created. The treatment plan will include the phase you are beginning in, the timing of your intermittent fasting, medication and vitamin prescribing, and your specific exercise regimen.

First, you will then be given your Body By Lush Starter kit which provides all of the essential supplies you need to be successful in the transformation program. Next, you are given all the information needed to get started on your first week. Also, you will see your weight-loss medical provider weekly to go over tracking, progress, results and information for the next week.

Gourmet Chef Meal Prep Delivery Add-On

Can’t find time to go grocery shopping or prepare meals? No worries, we have partnered with a local gourmet chef who will shop, prepare and deliver your meals tailored to the diet regimen we have prepared in your treatment plan.